How to Prevent Paint from Dripping on the Side of the Can


Whenever it's time to update our house, we have found that the easiest way to make a big difference with a little dollar is to paint. However, one of the most frustrating parts of painting starts in the very beginning, when you are trying to pour the paint into the roller tray. Every time it seems you waste more and more paint as it pours and drips down the side of your paint can not only wasting paint but making a mess. Is there a way to prevent this? Yes there is.

Things You'll Need

  • Can of Paint
  • Wet Paper Towel
  • Pour carefully. The first step to no drips is simple, slow down. The faster and sloppier you pour, the bigger mess you will make. Slowly tip the can to the side, just enough to get a small steady stream of paint. You don't need to pour half the can out at once.

  • Slowly tip the can back up. Just as important as slowly tipping the can down is slowly tipping the can back up. Tip the can slowly back up and away from you, watching the direction of the drip. Do not put the can back into the upright positing until the stream has come to a very slow drip.

  • Catch drips fast with your paint brush. It is inevitable that a little bit of paint may still drip. Take your paintbrush and grab any extra drips with it. Also run your paint brush along the top of the can to grab any paint that may have gotten stuck in the grooves of the lid.

  • Clean the side of your can with a wet paper towel. Just to be sure that you don't transfer any paint onto other items into your house that you do not necessarily want painted, take a slightly damp cloth and clean off any stray wet pain that may have ended up on the can.

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