How to Create 3D Effects with Shading


Shading is necessary to create depth and the illusion of a three dimensional image. Shading also gives an object a more realistic look. Shading is one of the first skills that is learned by an artist, but shading is always improved upon and never completely mastered.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing Pencil
  • Small Tortillion
  • Drawing Paper
  • Draw a line indicating the horizon line. This will serve as your table indicator. Next, draw your form. I chose a teacup because of the curves.

  • Look at the object you drew, and think about where you would like your light source to come from. I chose my light source to come from the left. Draw lines indicating where you want your light and shadow to come from. Remain consistent.

  • Shade in your darkest areas first. This way, when you blend and fade your dark shades with your tortillion and tissue, you can bleed into your mid-tones. Next, take the dirty tissue, and create a shadow on the table that pulls away from the object and light source.

  • Add your lighter mid-tones to your object and leave your light source white. Take your tortillion, and blend your tones into each other. Next, darken your shadow on the table, shadow your horizon line and rub gently with your tissue. Erase any smudges that may have bled into your light source areas on your object.

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