How to Become a Mage in "Planescape Torment"


Although the main character in "Planescape: Torment," The Nameless One, starts out as a sword-swinging fighter, you can train him as a mage if you're in the mood for something more cerebral. If you're looking to channel your inner arcane energies, Mebbeth the midwife can help you become a mage.

Getting Ready

  • To excel in being a mage, you'll want to make sure you have a high Intelligence (INT) score. If you want the mage specialization bonuses, you should switch from fighter to mage before level 7. It's best to stay as a fighter until at least level 4 or 5 in order to build up your hit points and other combat stats.

Visiting Mebbeth

  • You can find Mebbeth in the Midwife's Hut in Ragpicker's Square, located just below the center of the area. Ask her if she is a witch; she will begin a conversation in which she offers to teach you magic. After a few fetch quests revolving primarily in and around the Market, she'll train you as a mage and give you some useful items, such as the Scroll of Chromatic Orb.

Changing Back

  • If you get tired of slinging spells, there are NPCs who can retrain you as a fighter or let you try a new class: the thief. The thief trainer, Carver, is also located in Ragpicker's Square, while the fighter trainer, Porphiron, is east of the Flophouse. Alternatively, your party NPCs can help: Talk to Dak'kon if you want to be a mage or a fighter, while Annah can help you become a Thief.

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