How to Get Rid of Underarm Hair


Underarm hair in western culture can be looked upon as unattractive and unfeminine to many women (and even guys). Luckily, there are a few ways to get rid of underarm hair--some may be costly while others are inexpensive.

Getting Rid of Underarm Hair

Use a sharp razor blade or clippers to shave your underarm hair. This method is the easiest, as it takes no longer than three to five minutes to finish. Along with using a razor, you can also put shaving cream under the arms to prevent any irritation or scars on the skin. It is also best to take a bath or shower prior to shaving as the pores in your skin can easily open and soften the hair enough to shave easily. You will stay hairless for at least a week using this method.

See a Laser Hair Removal Specialist if you want your underarm hair removed professionally. Generally most procedures will cost from $100 to $150 for hair removal and the treatment will last between five to seven minutes long. The specialist will target the area where hair is found under the armpits with a laser light and automatically take away any hair. For permanent results, you might need to make a few more visits to the hair specialist as hair cells grow frequently.

Buy a hair removal cream--also known as Chemical depilatory that chemically works to get rid of each hair strand. This type of hair removal proven to be one of the safest ways to easily remove underarm hair automatically without the risk of any cuts or razor bumps. There are different types of Chemical depilatories that you can use: creams, gels, roll-ons, mousses or sprays. Different formulas are available, depending on the texture of your hair, whether it is coarse or fine. If your skin is sensitive, you can choose Aloe Vera or a moisturizing formula as it is less harsh on the skin. A popular brand such as ‘Veet’ or ‘Sally Hansen’ sells variety of hair removal creams for your specific needs.

Visit a salon/spa to get professional waxing done for your underarms. In order to get waxing, the hairs under both of your arms must be between 1/4- to 1/2-inch long for it to be stripped off the skin. Another option to consider is buying a do-it-yourself waxing kit without being in the hands of a cosmetologist. The only thing you need is waxing strips and a cloth to clean the underarm where the hairs were once located. This method last two to eight weeks depending on how properly the hair was removed.

Get electrolysis if you want permanent removal of the underarm hair. Electrolysis is best to be performed by a professional so there is a less chance of any skin infections or permanent damage to the skin. The opposite to the laser procedure, electrolysis has an electric current run down the hair follicles while completely destroying the hair roots and leaving zero chance of hair ever growing back under the arms.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wait a few days before menstruation to wax, as the skin is sensitive.
  • For safest results, research before getting laser treatment or electrolysis performed on your underarms.
  • Do not wax if using antibiotics, Isotretinoin, Accutane or Retin-A due to sensitivity of the skin. It may produce possible damage to the skin.

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