How to Keep Cats From Eating House Plants


How to Keep Cats From Eating House Plants. Many people might be surprised to learn that cats are not entirely carnivorous animals. To the contrary, they need occasional greens in their diets. If a cat has not received enough roughage through its regular meals, it might set its sight on its owner's houseplants. Since chewed-up houseplants are not only ugly but also potentially poisonous to animals, it's a good idea to keep your cat from eating houseplants.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat grass growing kit
  • Small, wooden stakes
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Double-sided tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plant-safe cat repellent spray

Buy your cat its own houseplant to eat so that it is less likely to munch on yours. This plant must be non-toxic, of course. So head to your local pet store and purchase a cat grass growing kit--it will either come as seeds and dirt that you plant from scratch or as an already sprouted patch of grass that you simply maintain.

Keep your cat away from your off-limits houseplants by erecting small stakes around the outside of you cat's favorite plants. This creates a barrier that prevents the cat from coming close to your plants. Remove the stakes once the cat learns to chew only on its own plant.

Give your cat a firm "No!" when it begins chewing on your plants. Try not to yell or scream at the cat, however, since this will only scare it rather than teach it not to chew.

Spray the cat once or twice from a spritz bottle full of water when it starts chewing houseplants.

Place double-sided tape or aluminum foil to the floor area surrounding your houseplants. Cats do not like the feeling of tape or foil on their feet. Once the cat learns to chew on its own plant instead of yours, you can remove the tape or foil.

Apply a cat repellent spray to the plants. Most pet stores carry these sprays. Check the directions listed on the bottle to ensure it is safe for your plants.

Tips & Warnings

  • Teaching your cat not to eat your plants can be a slow process. Allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for the training to stick.
  • You might also try removing all of your houseplants while teaching the cat to eat only from the cat grass growing kit.

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