How to Tell if Your Cat is Bored


How to Tell if Your Cat is Bored. While the domestic house cat seems to be a solitary animal--and some of them are--most would prefer to live in the company of other cats. They can get bored just as humans do, especially if they are strictly indoor cats. If you aren't sure how to tell if your pet is bored or not, follow these steps to learn how.

Watch how often and how long your cat grooms himself. If it seems that he is cleaning himself all the time or pulling out excessive amounts of hair, he is probably bored and just needs something to do.

Know that urinating or defecating outside the litter box in such a way that seems deliberate may be a sign that your cat is upset. This is very likely if you leave her in the house all day by herself.

Remember that excessive vocalization and destructiveness are signs that a cat is bored or unhappy. He is finding an outlet for his frustration by making loud noises or tearing up your new curtains. Other signs of boredom are sometimes excessive sleeping and overeating.

Understand that if your cat begins to act aggressively toward you, it's probably because he wants your attention. Pay attention to his behavior when you try to leave the house. If he is aggressive during this time, he is probably trying to tell you to stay.

Think about what your cat's day is like when you are gone. Sit on the floor and look around at the toys she has and the possible things she could do all day. If you think it looks rather boring, you're probably right. Get more toys for your cat and consider getting a friend for your cat so that she won't be bored. If getting another cat is out of the question, make a significant effort to interact with your pet on a daily basis.

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