How to Create an Animated Star With Flash Motion Tween


Flash is an animation video software provided by Macromedia and Adobe. With Flash, users can create various forms of animation and place them into a movie or an icon. To create an animated star in the Flash program, you need to know the basics of Flash.

  • Create a background that is black or navy blue. On the time line above the "Edit" window, right-click on frame 30. Select "Insert Key Frame."

  • Click on the "Insert New Layer" icon in the time line. This icon looks like a piece of paper with the right bottom corner folded up. Name the new layer "Star." Click on the star layer and then choose the "Polystar" tool (the tool looks like a six-sided object).

  • Click on the "Editing" stage or the background you created in Step 2. Go to the "Options" button on the toolbar and open the "Tool Settings" box. Change the settings to "Style - Star," "Number of sides-8" and "Star point size-.10."

  • Choose the star's color. Click on the "Fill Color" box and select the color that suits your needs.

  • Click on the stage or background area and draw the star. Pull out the points of the star to change the star's shape and size.

  • Click on frame 15 in the star layer of the time line. Change the star size to make it smaller if you want the star to flicker. If you want the star to spin, turn the star at an angle about half way around in the direction you want it to spin. When you are done, insert a key frame like you did in Step 1.

  • Go down to frame 30. Edit the star again. Make the star the same as it was in the first frame. Move the mouse to the first frame of the star layer. Right-click on this frame and select "Create Motion Tween." Move to frame 15 and repeat the process.

  • Click on "File" and "Save" to save the star.

  • Preview the star animation. Click on the first frame and choose "Play" from the toolbar. You can also right-click and choose the "Play" option to preview the animated star.

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