How to Break a Rottweiler's Bad Habits


Rottweilers are large breed dogs. As with any large dog, it is necessary to break a rottweiler's bad habits before the habits become acceptable to the dog. Some bad habits, such as jumping on people can cause injury. Other bad habits, such as chewing on furniture, can hurt the dog. Breaking a rottweiler's bad habits may take a substantial amount of time.

  • Use a stern voice to stop the rottweiler when he is doing the behavior that you consider a bad habit. If you are soft spoken, it may be a better idea to clap your hands to get the dog to stop.

  • Offer your rottweiler an alternate activity. Replacing a bad habit with a good habit can help the dog to forget the negative behavior. For example, offer the dog a bone to chew on if you notice it chewing on your coffee table.

  • Spray the dog in the face with water from a spray bottle. This correction method is useful for bad habits such as excessive barking.

  • Hug your dog tightly if the bad habit you are trying to break is jumping up on you. Rottweiler's like freedom. Hugging your rottweiler tightly makes it feel confined. It will soon associate being confined with jumping up on you.

  • Ignore your dog. If possible, crate your dog up. Rottweilers like attention. When you ignore your dog or put it in a crate, it feels alone. Soon, it will learn that doing the bad habit will mean being alone.

  • Be consistent with your correction. Letting your rottweiler get away with doing a bad habit sometimes will confuse it.

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