How to Prevent Tearing or Epiphora


How to Prevent Tearing or Epiphora. Epiphora, or excessive tearing of the eyes, is a condition that is more of a nuisance rather than harmful to a pet's health. The tears tend to stain the hair around and under the sufferer's eyes, and sometimes there is a build up of gunk that mats in the hair. Use the tips below to prevent Epiphora in the pet's eyes.

Take the pet to a veterinarian to confirm a diagnosis of Epiphora. Sometimes the patient may just have a foreign substance in the eye causing the irritation. This could be easily resolved by just flushing the eye with cool water.

Remove the cause of the obstruction in the tear ducts through surgery. The obstruction could be an ulcer or a growth. Once removed, the excessive tearing will stop.

Examine the pet's eyelids. Sometimes the eyelids grow abnormally and will press against the eyeball causing stress and tearing. This can be corrected through surgery.

Look for indirect causes, such as a sinus or nasal growth or infection. The nasal and sinus passages are very close to the eyes and could be causing the irritation. A simple treatment with antibiotics may cure the problem.

Follow some homemade antidotes to cure the Epiphora. One home remedy is to mix 1/8 teaspoon baking soda to 1 teaspoon vinegar. Wait until the mixture stops fizzing, then add it to the drinking water.

Mix together a small amount of crushed raw garlic, extra virgin coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Add this mixture to one meal a day, dogs love the taste and excessive tearing is reduced. As an added plus, this addition to the diet will keep fleas away naturally.

Tips & Warnings

  • Vinegar has been known to remove enamel from teeth, so always dilute the vinegar before giving it to the pet.

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