How to Treat a Shellfish Allergic Reaction

Treat a Shellfish Allergic Reaction
Treat a Shellfish Allergic Reaction

How to Treat a Shellfish Allergic Reaction. Shellfish is a common food allergen that triggers the body to flood histamines into the bloodstream causing symptoms. Allergies range from mild to life-threatening so it's important to know what to do if they occur and how to treat them.

Stay away from shellfish. The most effective way to treat your allergy is to avoid it completely. If you know which type of fish it is you can take steps to eliminate it from your diet. Be label conscious too.

Make an appointment with an allergy specialist to run some tests. If you're not certain which foods you are having a reaction to the doctor can run skin and blood tests to determine the problem.

Ask your server. If you're at a restaurant ask your server if the food you're ordering contains the shellfish you react to. If they are not sure, ask them to check with the chef to confirm it.

Treat mild skin allergies that produce symptoms of hives or rash with oral antihistamines. An antihistamine should stop the allergic reaction pretty quickly, but if not seek further treatment.

Know how to treat mild respiratory symptoms. For a runny nose or eye irritation antihistamines are fine. More serious respiratory symptoms from shellfish allergies could cause asthmatic difficulties requiring use of an inhaler.

Watch for signs of serious trouble breathing or dizziness. Any swelling of the airway could cause loss of consciousness or even death. Anaphylactic shock is serious. Get medical attention immediately.

Be prepared to treat any shellfish reaction. Carry an epi-pen to inject epinephrine immediately into the bloodstream. Wear a medical alert device to let someone know what might have happened.

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