How to Straighten Hair Without Chemicals

Sleek and sexy straight styles are always in, but this look can be costly. If your hair is naturally curly or kinky, then some straightening methods,like chemical relaxers, may leave your hair damaged. Don't worry, however; you can still get the look without the chemicals and hair trauma.


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      Wash hair thoroughly. Make sure hair is free of any product build-up or debris. This will keep the hair light, bouncy and fresh through the straightening process.

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      Apply a deep conditioning treatment. To straighten hair without chemicals, you have to use heat. Taking the time to deep condition the hair repairs any previous damage and prevents future problems.

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      Use appropriate supplemental products. Choose a lightweight serum for straightening and or frizz control. Or try a leave-in conditioner or thermal styling spray. These products reduce the effects of humidity, keep hair moisturized and help prolong the life of your straight style, without using harsh chemicals.

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      Use a blow dryer to straighten hair without chemicals. Units with comb or brush attachments straighten hair from the roots. For dryers without attachments, use a paddle brush with boar bristles or cushion brush to achieve a similar result.

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      Flat iron the hair. This removes any puffiness left after blow drying, leaving hair with a sleek, polished look and feel. Choose an iron with ceramic plates for the best results with the least amount of damage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your hair has a shape. Straight styles show imperfections that curly or kinky hair styles hide. Get a professional cut and regular trims for best results.
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