How to Choose a Color to Wear

You hear people all the time wondering if certain colors look good on them or complimenting someone on their color choices of clothes. So now you're wondering how to choose colors that compliment your hair, eyes and skin and look good on you.


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      Figure out what "season" you are. Winters are often brunettes, with pale or olive skin. Winters look good in deep, rich colors with jewel colors as accents. Summers have blonde hair and pale skin. They look good in more muted colors. Autumns can be red-heads, have black hair or have hair that's a combination of blonde and brunette. They usually have ruddy skin. Autumns can wear oranges, browns, and olive greens. Springs have pale skin, pale eyes and golden blonde hair or strawberry blonde hair. They look good in bright colors.

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      Look at your hair color. Blondes look great in bright colors like yellows, oranges and rusts. Brunettes can wear browns, blues, greens and purples. Redheads look good in colors such as greens and ivories.

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      Wear the colors that suit you close to your face. You can wear colors that don't suit you as well on your bottom half.

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      Know that eggplant purple, pure red, teal and a light pink almost peach shade look good on nearly everyone.

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      Think about the psychology behind colors. Many experts believe that colors such as black are authoritarian, submissive or villainous. White implies sterility, while blue symbolizes peace and loyalty. Red is a passionate color but may make people look heavier.

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