How to Defeat Dark Link in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"


As if the Water Temple in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" weren't troubling enough! One of the enemies waiting to meet you inside is Dark Link, a very formidable opponent who happens to look just like a certain handsome protagonist. Though certain weapons quickly take down Dark Link, it's also possible to defeat him using the most basic equipment in the game.

Sword and Hookshot Method

  • Enter the Room of Illusions within the Water Temple. Staying true to its name, this room appears to have nothing but an expanse of water and a couple of tiny islands directly ahead.

  • Walk ahead and cross the island in the middle, reaching the building on the other side. Nothing will happen until you've done this; crossing the island triggers Dark Link's arrival and immediately starts the fight.

  • Walk up to Dark Link. At this point, it's safe to approach your opponent. While he remains in this translucent state, he's a passive enemy, only reacting to the attacks you make. When the fight continues, you'll see Dark Link begin to solidify, signaling the swordsman will start attacking on his own.

  • Fire the Hookshot into Dark Link's face -- or at least make an attempt. Trying to fire the Hookshot into his face causes Dark Link to roll away past you, giving you exactly the advantage you need to flank him.

  • Swing your sword at the back of Dark Link's head. He'll flash red at the damage before turning to guard his front again. Fortunately, Dark Link didn't seem to inherit any brains, so he'll fall for the same trick over and over again until you win.

  • Repeat the Hookshot and sword combination. If you can attack Dark Link quickly enough, you won't take any damage; he'll be too busy dodging and finding his footing through the concussion.

Using Din's Fire

  • Locate the Great Fairy of Magic by the Castle Grounds. Specifically, you'll find the vine-haired fairy waiting in a dead end. She'll give you Din's Fire for free just for finding her.

  • Stock up on magic potions. A costly spell, Din's Fire drains Link of six magic containers. Although you likely won't need more than one or two potions during a typical fight against Dark Link, it helps to take extra in case you miss an attack and waste the magic.

  • Cast Din's Fire as you stand next to Dark Link. Your Link slams a fist into the ground, causing a burst of fire to explode against your vulnerable opponent. Even if he swings his sword, you can't take damage as you're casting the spell.

  • Repeat the spell when Dark Link returns to his guard stance. Depending on how many heart containers the two of you have, it will take two or three casts to win the fight; you may also need to replenish your magic containers after casting.

Tips & Warnings

  • Though you can practically beat Dark Link with the shirt off your back, there are other powerful tools available to use.
  • Consider using Biggoron's Sword; because it's slightly longer than Dark Link's sword, you don't even have to worry about dodging attacks as you swing away at him.
  • Dark Link can rarely block the Megaton Hammer; though you'll take damage, using this weapon still quickly drops your opponent.
  • Don't avoid targeting Dark Link during the fight; your opponent copies your movements but doesn't lose the advantage you do by swinging blindly.

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