How to Prevent Back Acne


Back acne is an unfortunate symptom of excess oil production and a lack of exfoliation. Individuals prone to face acne are usually more prone to back acne. People without any facial acne, however, can also find themselves with a back acne break out as well. Not only can some forms of back acne be painful, it can also be quite embarrassing. You can't wear you that sexy backless dress or work out in a tank top without those nasty red bumps appearing. Whether you are back acne prone, or simply want to keep blemishes from appearing, there are some thing you can do. Take these steps to prevent back acne from rearing it's ugly head.

Things You'll Need

  • back scrubber
  • anti-bacterial soap
  • sugar scrub
  • clean towel
  • Vitamin B5

Take a shower. Showering or bathing every day will help exfoliate and keep your skin clean and oil-free. While having back acne doesn't mean you have bad hygiene, showers can absolutely help solve the problem.

Exfoliate your back with a shower sugar scrub. One of the main reasons backs can break out is because the skin cells aren't being properly removed. Sugar scrubs are abrasive enough to exfoliate, and gentle enough to keep the right amount of moisture locked in.

Lather your back with anti-bacterial soap made for your face. Regular soap doesn't work as well for back acne, so stick with the face formulations.

Wipe sweat from your body before it dries. If you find yourself sweating on a hot summer day, or during a work out routine, wipe the excess sweat away from your body with a clean towel. If you let the sweat dry on your skin it can clog your pores.

Wash your sheets frequently. Once a week is typically enough. Most people remember to wear clean clothes every day, but a lot of people neglect to wash their sheets regularly. This is just as important, if not more important, than the clothes you put on your body each morning.

Take a Vitamin B5 supplement each day. This vitamin regulates the rate oil is metabolized through the body. If your body produces less oil, you will be less likely to develop back acne.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a back scrubber to wash and exfoliate your back. Most people simply cannot reach and scrub their own back like they should.
  • Don't try to dry out your back acne with the sun. Drying out your skin will only make it produce excess oil.

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