How to Make Marzipan Fruit

Marzipan, made up of sugar and mashed almonds, is one of the most unique gourmet sweets and very popular inside chocolate and also often used as cake decorations. But it is also tasty on its own and fun to work with to create creative treats. Ever look at a candy store window and admire the cute little marzipan "food" stuff, such as fruit?These delicious treats are easy to make yourself, if you aren't afraid of getting your hands a little dirty. Here's how to make your own marzipan fruit treats.

Things You'll Need

  • Packaged Plain marzipan
  • Food dyes
  • Several small dipping bowls
  • Knife
  • Cutting board


  1. Get in there and start kneading!

    • 1

      Wash your hands. You're going to be kneading marzipan in a moment and people don't want to eat all the grime you've accumulated under your nails.

    • 2

      Break off some marzipan to form pieces the size of about half a golf ball on the cutting board.

    • 3

      Place each piece of marzipan that you've broken off into a dipping bowl.

    • 4

      Pour a few drops of a different color of food dye into each dipping bowl.

    • 5

      Gently knead each piece of marzipan on the cutting board with the food dye until it turns the color of the dye.

    • 6

      Make basic fruit first. Form a ball the width of about a nickel out of orange-colored marzipan to make an orange. Form a ball the same size out of red or yellow marzipan to make red delicious or yellow delicious apples. Form a long piece of yellow marzipan and bend into a circular angle to form a banana.

    • 7

      Mash two or more different-colored marzipan pieces to form fruit that has several colors. For example, form a ball the width of about a nickel out of red, orange and yellow-dyed marzipan pieces, while gently kneading the three different colored pieces until the colors swirl together, to create a peach. Combine green and red or red and orange marzipan to create a mango

    • 8

      Make more complicated fruit. To make a watermelon slice, form a ball the width of a quarter out of a piece of red marzipan and use a knife to cut an actual slice out of it. Then take a piece of green marzipan, flatten it with your fingers, and cut out a thin slice to fit the bottom of the piece of red marzipan you had cut. Mold the two pieces together gently to form the flesh and the peel of the watermelon slice. To make grapes, take purple marzipan (or create purple marzipan out of red and blue-colored marzipan) and form little balls the size of pearls. Stick them together in a pyramid form.

    • 9

      Create stems and leaves to go with your fruit! Flatten a piece of green marzipan with your fingers on the cutting board and break off tiny pieces of it. Mold small leaves and roll thin, tiny stems on the cutting board with your fingers. Stick them onto your fruit.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you mess up a fruit, just mash it back into the marzipan piece of the same color. If you've used too many colors together, mix them up to form a new brown piece of "mistakes" and use that piece to make brown-colored fruit or nuts -- dates, chestnuts, coconuts, etc.
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