How to Pick the Winner of a Football Game


If picking a winner of a football game was easy, there would be lots of millionaire sports fans running around after visiting Las Vegas. There is no guaranteed way to choose the winner in a football game.There are ways to make your predictions more likely to be correct though. The most reliable way to increase your accuracy in picking the winner of a football game is research.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Newspaper
  • Television

How To Pick The Winner Of A Football Game

  • Gather information about both teams in the football game.This involves researching the teams on the internet, reading about the game in the newspaper, and listening for information on radio and television. The more information you have, the easier it is to pick the winner in a football game.

  • Evaluate the offense of each team against the defense of the other team. Just saying one team's offense is better than the other's defense isn't enough If a team with a great running game is going against the best run defense in the league, that will usually limit the effectiveness of their running game. If a team has an average passing game, but the opposing defense has one of the worst passing defenses in the league, the offense gets an advantage there.

  • Score one point for each advantage an offense has in the running and passing game comparisons with the defense. If an offense receives zero points, it will be very hard for them to score. If one team's offense has more points than another team's offense after this evaluation, you should lean in favor of that team so far.

  • Evaluate the offensive and defensive lines. Keep in mind that these are often overlooked. If one team has a better offensive line than the opposing defensive line, and a better defensive line than their opponent's offensive line it is a huge advantage. Give one point to the team that has the better offensive or defensive line when they match up against each other on the field.

  • Add up those points, and that will serve as a very good guideline of who to favor. You will also want to consider other factors though such as weather and key injuries. Adjust who you favor based on if the weather limits the effectiveness of one offense more than the other. If one team has a major injury to a star player you must also adjust your expectation.Remember, the point system is just a guideline.

  • Recognize which team is the home team. In general the home field advantage is worth two to five points depending on the strength of the home team in a football game. Use this information to adjust your expectation as well.

  • Combine all this information and make an educated prediction as to which team will win the football game. Remember, information is your biggest weapon when deciding which team will win. The more information you have, the more accurate your prediction will be.

Tips & Warnings

  • Analyze the betting lines in professional gambling locations such as Las Vegas. Oddsmakers are in general very good at favoring the team that will win. Use this information as another tool for your prediction.
  • Use betting lines from Las Vegas early in the week as a better guide, unless a major injury happens later in the week. Betting lines will adjust later in the week based on the amount of money bet on each team, and may not be as accurate as earlier in the week.

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