How to Stay Awake in Class


There are different reasons why students have a difficult time staying awake in a classroom--late-night partying, juggling between a full-time job and school or getting ready for an early morning class. Students sleeping in class can be problematic for both the teacher and the student.It will definitely affect your grades. Here's how to keep bright-eyed and avoid snoring away in class.


  • Wake up an hour early before leaving the house. This may seem to make a person more tired than ever, but believe it or not, this can help you prepare for a busy day and get energized. Try getting in a work out before class to get the blood pumping.

  • Drink caffeine before going to class such as a soda, coffee or tea so it can keep you alert. Energy-boosted drinks, "Red Bull" or "Monster" helps build stamina and keep you energized during the time you're in class.

  • Eat healthy portions of fruits, cereal or oatmeal as it contains low carbs. It helps rejuvenate your body and mind so that you will be more focused and be able to pay more attention during lectures throughout the class period.

  • Restore your energy by visiting a nutritional store to buy vitamins-- preferably vitamin B which increases your energy level. You can take the tablets before heading to class and in no time, you will feel a sudden burst of energy and freshness to your body. You can get plenty of these vitamins at health food markets.

  • Participate in class discussions whenever you feel the need to doze off. While some students believe that most lectures from their professors are a bore, there are a few that can be quite thought-provoking and grab your attention to keep you mentally responsive to what is going on in the classroom.

Tips & Warnings

  • Chew on "Stay Alert" gum so it gives you something to do and to help you concentrate.
  • Stand up in the back of your class.
  • Move from the back or the middle of the class to the front to focus on the professor and class discussions.
  • If you'd tried different alternatives to stay awake in class, go to a doctor because you might have a health problem.
  • Avoid frequent naps during class as it may result in failing the class.

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