How to Make Your Own Anagrams


Anagrams have mystified and entertained people of all ages. They are found in mysteries, suspense movies, puzzle books and even legends. In this article, you will learn how to make your own.

Things You'll Need

  • Scrabble
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Use a word frequency chart to select a short phrase that includes lots of commonly used letters. For example, the phrase "eat meat" is great to practice anagrams with because "e," "a," and "t" are three of the most commonly used letters in the English letters.

  • Using scrabble letters, spell out the chosen phrase.

  • Pick a letter and think of all the words you can make with the remaining letters. For example, starting with t and cannibalizing the phrase above, we can get "team," "tame," "teem," "tee," and "tea."

  • Go through the words one at a time and see if the remaining letters can be made to spell anything. For example, if you make the word "team," you have the letters "t," "e," and ",a" left. Turning them into the word "tea," you get "tea team" as an anagram for "eat meat."

  • Try the same technique with other starting letters. First find a word, then see if the remaining letters spell out another word.

  • Use the same techniques to make anagrams with longer words and phrases. Again, try to use phrases with a majority of high frequency letters.

  • Use an anagram engine such as the Internet Anagram Server linked to below. Write the word or phrase you want an anagram of in the "word or phrase to be anagrammed" box and press enter.

  • Rearrange the words in your favorite result so that it makes sense. For example, when you enter "Clint Eastwood" into the Internet Anagram Server, you get "action old west," a nonsensical phrase. If you turn this into "old west action," it makes sense.

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