How to Find the Bombers in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"


While the Bombers might sound like a tough opponent, in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask," they're a group of kids with a secret to share. You'll need to run around Clock Town, playing hide-and-seek with them for a chance to join their group. Make sure to wear the Deku Mask while completing this task, as it will make finding and chasing the kids much easier.

  • Head to North Clock Town. Head to the center of this area to see a kid wearing a red cap, shooting at a Majora's Mask balloon. Target the balloon with the Deku Mask on. Go into first-person mode by hitting "B" and aim at the balloon. Rise at the balloon to pop it. Speak to the boy to start the hide-and-seek game.

  • Run to the southwest corner of North Clock Town to find the first Bomber. Look behind the tree to see the Bomber. Spin with "A" to catch up as he runs away and shoot bubbles with "B" to stun him. Spin close to the first Bomber to catch him.

  • Head to to the northeast corner. Look behind the slide to see the second Bomber hiding. Run, spin and shoot bubbles to slow him down and catch him.

  • Head to West Clock Town to reach the third Bomber. Look at the middle of the area to see him. Direct him to the corner so he doesn't get behind you, and once again, shoot him to daze him and slow him down.

  • Walk to East Clock Town for the last two Bombers. Head to the Stock Pot Inn on the west side of the area. Enter the building and head upstairs to catch the Bomber off-guard, or use the flower nearby to fly up to the second floor.

  • Walk to the east side of the area to see the last Bomber. Look up to see him holding a chicken. Head around the Latte Milk Bar to come up behind him. Shoot him and spin to catch him before he jumps off the edge.

Tips & Warnings

  • Rolling instead of running will help you get closer to the Bombers.
  • Finding all the Bombers will give you access to the Observatory, but make sure to write down the code they give you since it will be random.
  • You must find the Bombers by the start of the next day, so the later in the day you start the game, the less time you have to find them.

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