How to Feed a Baby Skunk


Babies need special attention and have special dietary needs. Baby skunks are no exception. Here is how to feed a pet baby skunk.

Feed the baby specialized formula through a bottle (like an infant) if away from its mother or allow it to feed from its mother for the first four weeks. Like human baby formula, skunk formula is specially created to meet the specific needs of a newborn skunk.

Chop up corn, peas, squash, mushrooms, and a few fruits into very small pieces. Place in a shallow dish and allow the baby skunk to eat four times a day, as much as it can take in. Four weeks to eight weeks is a time of great growth and the baby needs all the nutrients it can get.

Feed three times a day when the skunk reaches two months old. During this following month feed three meals according to a typical human eating schedule (breakfast, lunch and dinner). For breakfast give it a few slices of vegetables, an orange slice, a spoonful or two of cottage cheese and three or four pieces of dog food. Lunch should consist of some more dog food, yogurt, dry wheat cereal and vegetables. Dinner is a few more pieces of dog food, vegetables, a vanilla wafer or other sweet treat and a tablespoon of starch (rice, pasta, etc).

Cut the meals down to two a day after three months of age. Then after another month or so limit their intake to about 15 calories per pound of body weight. Obesity in skunks is a big problem.

Keep all food securely stored away from reach. Skunks will search for food as if they were in the wild and may get their claws on something they shouldn't have. Protect the skunk by storing food away securely.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to give a skunk a wide variety of foods
  • Don't under any circumstance feed a skunk cat food or chocolate

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