How to Ask a Girl to Dance With Confindence


Asking a girl to dance is not as difficult as men sometimes make it out to be. The key element is confidence, and knowing the right way to do it. Have no fear, as this article will help you know how to ask a girl to dance with confidence.

Things You'll Need

  • Confidence
  • Flair
  • Good Grooming
  • Great Breath

Before the Dance

  • Start off your evening by making sure you are groomed well. Nothing will get you a "no" faster than having dirty fingernails or missing out on the deodorant. Women like to dance with men that smell nice and look nice. Take the time to groom yourself accordingly.

  • Brush your teeth and pack some mints in your pants pocket. Again, being close to a lady will require great smelling breath. If you are a smoker, you may want to even pack some extra mints or a travel size bottle of mouthwash.

  • Dress like you know who you are. Men are more confident when they are wearing clothes that are reflective of their personality. If you have only worn a tux to weddings, then chances are a nice suit would do better. If you are the more casual type, then wear something that you feel comfortable in.

At the Dance

  • Resist the urge to ask every girl you see to dance. Nothing is worse for a guy at a dance than a look of desperation. Lean back and relax. Survey the area and take note of who is taken and who is not. Those that are not taken should be observed for a time. Give yourself an advantage going in. Nothing is worse than approaching a woman to dance who has a date already.

  • When you do finally notice a couple of women that you would like to dance with, take note of something that you really like about them. Maybe it is the way they carry themselves, and maybe it is just the way they dance. It could even be the dress or outfit they are wearing. The important thing is to be specific, and remember what it is that you like. This will be a compliment that you should pay her later if the opportunity arises.

  • Remember that you are a strong, confident man and that any woman would be happy to dance with you. If you do not honestly feel this way about yourself, you are lost before you start. Remind yourself of your good qualities and why you are a good catch. Confidence is everything when you are standing in front of her asking her to dance.

  • Approach the young lady only when the opportunity presents itself to do so politely. Nothing is more rude than to ask a woman to dance while she is busy doing something else. If a woman is at a table with friends, wait for a lull in the conversation. At least make sure that she is not talking or actively listening to someone else. Also, this will help her to focus on you when you ask.

  • Ask her to dance with a simple question surrounded by confidence. A statement such as "May I have this dance?" will usually do. For added confidence, extend out your hand to her as you ask. You want to appear as though you expect her to say yes. If you ask in a way that says you are uncertain, you will get a lot of rejections. Believe in yourself!

Tips & Warnings

  • Always ask a woman to dance a fast dance before asking for a slow dance.
  • If you get rejected, thank them anyway and be very polite.
  • Never be pushy with a woman.

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