How to Hit a Softball 400 Feet


A 400-foot hit in a softball game will send a pitch soaring over any outfield walls and into a whole new landscape. In fact, 400 feet often makes for a home run in a major league baseball stadium. Read on to learn tips and tricks for improving your softball batting accuracy and power; in your next at bat, you may send a softball flying out of the park.

How to Hit a Softball 400 Feet

  • Enter the batter's box and ease into a comfortable stance in which you are bent slightly at the waist and knees. Keep your feet roughly shoulder-length apart.

  • Grip the bat so that your hands touch, and with your elbows pointing outward, hold the bat approximately six inches from your chest.

  • When the pitcher releases the ball, pull back slightly, picking up your front foot and allowing your weight to shift to the leg closest to the catcher. Pull the bat off your shoulder at this time, if needed.

  • Keep your eye on the incoming softball.

  • If you see the pitch coming in outside of the strike zone, let it go by. If the pitch is a strike or close enough that you would like to attempt to hit it, follow through with your stride, turn your hips through the ball just as it approaches the plate and swing the bat.

  • Your back foot should pivot but not leave the ground, and you should feel your weight shift forward as a result.

  • Do not end your swing in an uppercut; keep it level. For additional power, follow through until the bat nearly hits your back.

  • If the softball does not soar 400 feet, drop the bat and run as swiftly as possible down the first base line.

Tips & Warnings

  • To improve your batting accuracy and distance, practice hitting softballs at a batting cage, on a portable tee or with a partner.
  • Videotape yourself at bat to help improve technique.
  • Always wear a helmet when at bat.
  • Do stretches and warm-up drills before entering a game. After the game, do a cool-down routine.

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