How to Make a Multimedia Collage


Explore more than one art medium by making a multimedia collage. A multimedia collage combines basic collage techniques with one or two other mediums. The multimedia collage is a form of paper arts or paper crafts which encourages exploration and experimentation. There is no wrong way to create multimedia collage.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy-duty paper
  • Acid-free glue or acrylic medium
  • Acrylic paint or watercolor paint
  • Charcoal pencil or oil pastels
  • Collage paper materials including magazine image
  • Assemble a starting image for the multimedia collage. The starting image can be based on one image that you found and glued to a piece of paper. Or start with a simple drawing. The starting image will set the tone or the theme for the rest of the multimedia collage. It should be the visual focus as well as the image driving the theme of the entire multimedia collage.

  • Sort through your collage materials to find images or colors which match the starting image. Collage materials can include torn movie stubs, clothing labels, canceled postage stamps, or torn pieces of paper. Use glue or acrylic medium to adhere the collage components to the paper. Use the collage elements to enhance the starting image, or to further focus on the theme. Overlap colors and images.

  • Evaluate the collage for cohesiveness and overall design. Add more collage elements if it needs more colors or layers. Let it dry.

  • Paint or draw on the collage to create a multimedia collage. Use acrylic paints rather than watercolor paints for the best results. Or use oil pastels or markers. Use your favorite painting or drawing material to create the multimedia collage.

  • Enhance the multimedia collage further by adding any embellishments that you like The embellishments can be store-bought objects used in scrapbooking. Or use natural elements including shells or dried flowers. Set your imagination free when making the multimedia collage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not hold back, push the multimedia collage as far as it will go visually.

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