How to Plant Olive Trees


Since ancient times, olive trees have been planted to bear fruit, produce fine wood, olive leaves and, indirectly, olive oil. Well-maintained trees will produce these items for up to several centuries. Coastal climate conditions and calcareous soils provide the best conditions for olive tree growth and health.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • 3 cu ft manure
  • 5 lb trace mineral
  • Lime (as needed)
  • Coarse straw

How to Plant Olive Trees

  • Research olive trees and, if the conditions in your area are conducive to growing this type of tree, contact local garden centers and shop the Internet to order a sapling.

  • Spread 3 cu feet of well-rotted animal manure over an approximately 9-by-9 foot area at the tree planting site.

  • Spread up to 5 pounds of trace mineral dust such as Azomite over the same 9-by-9 foot area.

  • Contact a local fertilizer company or a department of agriculture representative if you do not know the pH of the soil in which you are planting the olive tree. The ideal pH is 7.0 to 8.0. Lime can be added with the manure and mineral dust as needed to reach this level.

  • Dig an area sufficient for the sapling's size. Plant the tree at the same depth it was in its original pot. Level the area with a hoe.

  • Mulch the surrounding area approximately 5 feet from the tree's base with coarse straw to conserve water, cool the soil and hinder weed growth. Water the tree, but not to the point that it is waterlogged; excess water poses a threat to the health and productivity of an olive tree.

Tips & Warnings

  • When removing the olive sapling from its pot, be careful not to disturb the roots. Protect your olive tree from insects, animals and frost as needed in your region.

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