How to Do a Full Moon Purging Ritual


Letting go of what you've outgrown is an essential part of spiritual growth. Releasing old events, intentions, projects or relationships will renew and refresh you and open you to receive new things in your life.Utilizing the potent light of the full moon is a powerful way to bring clear and joyful completions to your life. The full moon is a time of reaping what you've sown, so that you are free to plant new dreams!Follow the steps below to create your own full moon purging ritual.

Things You'll Need

  • Candle
  • At least four sacred objects (crystals, feathers, etc), one to represent each of the four elements of air, water, fire and earth
  • Pen, or other writing tool
  • Paper
  • Set up your work space. Create an altar on a sturdy surface. Place each of the objects with a specific intention. For example, place a feather on your altar while intending that the element of air be present; intend for your spirit guides to be present when placing the candle on the altar, etc.Put your love into the space by using objects, scents and colors that you enjoy!If weather permits, you may create your ritual space outside too. Create a safe place to make a fire, or use a fire pit. If you can't make a fire, use a jar candle. Tap into the elements by creating an invocation, or prayer to honor fire, air, earth and water. Having your ritual outside under the light of the full moon is powerful, but not necessary.

  • Open the ceremony. Light the candle and take a few moments to focus yourself. If desired, you may say a prayer, call in your spirit guides, meditate or take a few breaths to get started. Burning incense or other herbs is also a great way to open ritual.

  • Write down anything you want to complete or release. For instance, "I want to complete and dissolve all attachments I have with any of my past lovers."The energy you put into your intention is important. It should always be in the positive, meaning there should never be an intent to hurt, damage or scorn anyone or anything. Focus on yourself only, and intend for completion and release.

  • When you're finished, review what you wrote. Read each intention outloud. Pause. Look into the flame of the candle and visualize the flame surrounding and dissolving what you want to let go of. If you are in a space where you can burn the paper, do so, but be sure to have a bowl of water for extinguishing.Allow yourself to feel gratitude for these events, people or things that were once in your life. Releasing in this way gives the energy back to the universe and is a great way to drop your "baggage."

  • Take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to emote. When letting go, emotions can surface and these are a part of the completion process. Give yourself as much time as you need to.This is also a time to celebrate your completions as well! Feel your love and joy!

  • Close the ritual, by thanking the elements of nature, saying a prayer or anything else that you desire. Extinguish the fire or flame.

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