How to Make Grass Greener


Everyone loves a beautiful green lawn. In order to do this you only have to follow a few simple steps and practice a little diligence. First closely evaluate the condition of your current lawn and remedy any problems that might exist such as too much thatch or soil that is too compacted and over or under watering issues. Insure you have the correct tools for the job, most likely you probably already own, and special equipment you can rent for a few hours. Last but not least do your homework on the many types and brands of fertilizers, pest and weed controls available today. Keep in mind, a lawn in New York will most likely have different challenges and possible solutions than a lawn in Southern California due to the difference in growing conditions.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn Rake
  • Power Lawn Dethatcher (Rental)
  • Power Lawn Aerator (Rental)
  • Small shovel
  • Lawn mower with a sharp blade
  • Balanced lawn Fertilizer
  • Weed and pest control products as needed
  • Determine if you have excess thatch (more than ½") or lawn debris thus preventing sunlight, nutrients and water from reaching the lawns roots. Dethatch or rake accordingly.

  • Water your lawn as you normally do and notice to see if you are watering too heavily or not enough. Remember it is better to water more deeply less often to promote the healthiest root growth. Take a small digging tool and see if the water penetrated several inches deep. If not, adjust your watering time and if necessary rent a lawn aerator to help alleviate soil compaction problems.

  • Fertilize in the spring and fall with a balanced lawn fertilizer of your choice.

  • If pests or weeds are an issue check with an area nursery for help with your specific problem and suggestions for suitable products for your area.

  • Mow your lawn reguarly using a mower with a sharp blade. Never remove more than one third of the blade.

Tips & Warnings

  • Rent a Power dethatcher every few years to help control deep thatch (over ½"). These machines are a miracle worker.
  • Fertilize twice a year.
  • When pest or weed problems develop catch them early and treat accordingly so little problems do not turn into large ones.
  • Keep your mower blade sharp.
  • Water regularly, deeply and in the early morning if possible.
  • Don't over water or fertilize too heavily.

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