How to Care for a Turtle That Won't Eat


Turtles can be fun pets. You can let them roam the house or keep them in a tank. You can play with them, or simply keep them to look at every now and again. While turtles are fairly easy pets to own, they do have their problem areas. Owners most often complain about turtle eating habits. This relatively low maintenance pet has some high maintenance issues when it comes to food. Here is a guide that will help you decide what to do if you have a turtle that won't eat properly.

Things You'll Need

  • Small earthworms
  • Try different types of food. Turtles can be finicky eaters but typically they will eat small earthworms.

  • Heat the water to at 85 degrees and the tank to 90 degrees. Turtles won't eat if it is too cold.

  • Remove other animals from the same tank. Turtles, especially new turtles, can become stressed if there are other animals around.

  • Check for turtle poop each day. If your turtle isn't pooping, contact a veterinarian to prescribe a laxitive.

  • Give your turtle some time to adjust. If this is a new environment, be patient. He will eat eventually.

Tips & Warnings

  • Baby turtles eat much smaller amounts spread throughout the day.
  • When you bring your turtle to the vet, make sure it's fecal samples are no more than 4 hours old.

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