How to Build Nest Boxes For Budgies

Budgie eggs hatch in little over two weeks, so make sure they have a proper nest to lay in.
Budgie eggs hatch in little over two weeks, so make sure they have a proper nest to lay in. (Image: light blue cockatiel image by Ken Marshall from

Raising budgies, or parakeets, is generally a simple thing to do, and providing your budgies with a nesting box can be as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it. In the wilds of Australia, where budgies (or budgerigars) originated, budgies nest in colonies. Therefore, it sometimes helps the breeding process if two or more pairs of budgies are nesting at the same time in cages that are set next to each other so the birds can see each other. Eggs hatch in approximately 18 days and babies are ready to be on their own approximately 7 weeks after hatching.

Things You'll Need

  • A small basket
  • An X-acto knife

Purchasing a small woven basket is the simplest and best way to provide a nesting box for your Budgies. The basket should be approximately 5 inches in diameter and needs to have a rounded (concave) bottom where the mother can lay her eggs. The slightly concave area keeps the eggs from rolling around. Keep in mind that Budgies will nest in almost any small space that has an opening they can fit through.

Cut a hole in one side of the woven basket using your X-acto knife. The hole should be approximately two inches above the concave floor of the basket and should be approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. Don't stress over making it perfectly round as your budgies will not be terribly critical.The top of the basket should be removable in case you should have to help with the care of the new-born budgies at some point.

Set the basket on the floor of the cage so that you can see into the basket through the hole you cut. Brace around the bottom of the basket with one or more crumpled paper towels if the rounded bottom of the basket seems unsteady sitting on the bottom of the cage. Hanging the basket is possible, but remember than you may need to open the top of the basket to reach the babies inside if the mother budgie needs help feeding her first batch of chicks, and this may be made more difficult if the basket is hung.

Providing nesting material for your budgies is not necessary. Your budgies will lay their eggs directly on the woven surface of the basket.

Keep cats and other animals away from the cage while your birds are breeding. Small children should not be allowed near the cage without supervision.Once the eggs hatch be certain to provide plenty of fresh water and additional food--you will be amazed at how much a clutch of new-born baby Budgies can eat!

Tips & Warnings

  • Make certain that the slightly rounded bottom of the basket is firmly braced on the bottom of the cage. If necessary poke a twist tie through the back of the basket and attach it to the bars of the cage to solidify the position of the basket.
  • Sudden loud noises or the presence of cats or other predators can disrupt the nesting process.

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