How to Spend Honor Points in "World of Warcraft"


"World of Warcraft" uses several kinds of currency meant to restrict purchases to certain types of items. For example, your gold might get you items at the vendors and auction house, but Honor Points are a separate thing altogether; these can be redeemed for the lowest tier of player-versus-player (PvP) gear.

Alliance Honor Points

  • Return to Stormwind. You can spend your Honor Points with three Honor Point merchants who conduct business in the Champion's Hall.

  • Enter the Champion's Hall, a large castle south of Old Town. Previously, only knighted characters could access the building, but now the doors open for anybody.

  • Speak with Edlan, a blond human with a moustache. He'll sell you luxury crafting goods in exchange for your Honor Points.

  • Locate Knight-Lieutenant T'Maire Sydes, a brunette human quartermaster who sells various accessories in exchange for Honor Points. Nothing you find in her inventory will be cheap, however.

  • Purchase powerful weapons and trinkets from Liliana Emberfrost, a red-headed human. Like Knight-Lieutenant Sydes, none of her items are for the faint of heart -- or the light of wallet.

Horde Honor Points

  • Return to Orgrimmar, the capital city for Orcs. The Horde's primary destination is the Hall of Legends, where three Honor Point vendors appear for trade.

  • Enter the Hall of Legends in the Valley of Strength, identifiable by its spiky entryway arch. Like Stormwind's centerpiece, the Hall of Legends was once restricted to those of certain rank; today, even you can enter.

  • Exchange your Honor Points with Blood Guard Zar'shi, a green-haired jungle troll. This vendor offers accessories that offer bonuses to PvP stats; his prices are moderately high.

  • Speak with Galra, a brunette orc. Her supplies include expensive trinkets and weapons; you'll only be able to purchase one item from her at a time due to the high cost.

  • Locate the nearly-bald orc Rogoc. For a small handful of Honor Points, you can acquire luxury crafting items for PvP items.

Tips & Warnings

  • Honor Points are generated on the battlefield regardless of faction. Earn them by defeating players on the battlefield, and by completing Battlegrounds and PvP daily quests on the Isle of Thunder.
  • Both factions also have Supply Officers scattered throughout the world, such as the Alliance's Samuel Hawke at Refuge Pointe and Jorek Ironside in the Hillsbrad Foothills for the Horde. These officers exchange low-tier PvP armor for Honor Points.
  • While you can join any PvP battle and earn points just for participating, you'll earn many more if you win.
  • You cannot hold more than 4,000 Honor Points at once.
  • Some items Supply Officers sell may have a reputation requirement with a certain faction. For example, Thanthaldis Snowgleam operates on a reputation system with the Stormpikes; artifacts don't become available until you're exalted with the group.

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