How to Use a Weir for a Pond Waterfall

In some pond waterfalls, weirs are used to make a waterfall. A weir is simply a box with one side lower then the other three and a lip on the lower side. It spreads the water out over the width of the lip side of the weir. A flat rock or capstone on top of the lip side makes the water go over the rock. It looks like a flat sheet of water entering the pond and can be very dramatic.

Things You'll Need

  • Waterfall weir to fit the pond size and pump size you are planning
  • Black foam
  • Cinder blocks
  • Level
  • Hardware that comes with the weir


    • 1

      Place soil from digging the pond where you want to install the weir. If the waterfall does not seem high enough, use cinder blocks to elevate it further and to stabilize it.

    • 2

      Connect the plumbing, usually a piece of flexible tubing from the pump. There is a hole in the weir to accommodate the flexible tubing.

    • 3

      Level the weir on the soil and cinder blocks using a level. Be sure it is level before proceeding.

    • 4

      Trim the excess liner to fit the weir, making sure the entire wall is on the top side of the liner, so no water can fall behind the pond.

    • 5

      Attach the liner to the weir with the hardware you got with the weir. This is a difficult job and must be done exactly right. If the pond leaks where you have attached the weir, the pond can be pumped dry almost overnight. Once again, make sure the weir is level before proceeding.

    • 6

      Use flat rocks to camouflage the weir. Pile them around the sides and the back. Hide any plumbing as well.

    • 7

      Add a flat rock on top of the lip of the weir. Use the black foam to hold it in place. Be sure you use enough foam. Be absolutely sure the flat rock slants toward the pond and not back toward the weir or off to the side.

    • 8

      Plug in the pump and admire your work.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add rocks under the weir even if they have to come from the floor of the pond. This will hide the front of the plastic weir.
  • Be sure that the pond is wide enough to accommodate the amount of water falling into it. If your elevated the weir two feet, you must have 4 feet of pond width for the water to fall into. If you do not, the water from the waterfall will splash out and can drop the water level overnight.
  • Always use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) electrical outlet. This cuts off the electricity instantly if water touches it.
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