How to Avoid Kundalini Syndrome


According to Eastern spiritual philosophy, a potential energy source lies within you that can lift you to a higher plane of enlightenment. Kundalini energy lies dormant in most people for all of their lives, but it may be awakened, either by accident or intent. The energy then travels up your spine and into your brain. The goal of Kundalini yoga and meditation is to release the energy gradually and safety. Physio-Kundalini Syndrome, or simply “Kundalini Syndrome,” describes the process of releasing Kundalini energy excessively or prematurely, before you’re properly prepared. Keep in mind that the principles of Kundalini energy are not provable by Western science.

  • Resist the temptation to speed up the Kundalini process by simulating a near-death experience. Researchers such as Bruce Greyson, professor of psychiatric medicine at the University of Virginia, have speculated that near-death experiences may trigger a rapid release of Kundalini energy. As a result, some have attempted to create artificial near-death experiences -- by swallowing their tongues to trick the body into believing it’s suffocating, for example. Apart from the dangers of a near-death experience itself, some Kundalini researchers believe that triggering a Kundalini experience when you’re not prepared “can produce negative effects, including psychosis,” according to Greyson.

  • Avoid using intense Pranayama breathing techniques to stimulate Kundalini energy. Even if you perform the techniques correctly, triggering the Kundalini Syndrome may cause “immense havoc in the body and mind,” according to yoga scholar Georg Feuerstein.

  • Learn Kundalini yoga from an experienced yogi who can guide you through the process. Attend a class or two to see the yogi in action to help you make your decision.

  • Refrain from chanting the Beej, or Bija, mantras too frequently. These one-syllable sounds are associated with your body’s energy centers, known as chakras. Excessive use of these mantras may release more Kundalini energy than you’re prepared to handle. Consult your yogi if you’re in doubt about how frequently to chant the mantras.

  • Practice patience after beginning Kundalini yoga. Rushing the process may release Kundalini energy before you’re ready. For example, you may wish to take time for quiet reflection if you sense increases in Kundalini energy within you, to ensure that you don’t proceed too quickly.

  • Maintain a humble and respectful attitude toward the Kundalini awakening at all times, to help you remain well-balanced when the energy begins to flow.

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