How to Treat Jogger's Nipple


Jogger's nipple is a condition suffered by runners which includes irritation, dryness and bleeding of the affected nipple. Jogger's nipple can affect one or both nipples, and is caused by the friction of clothing rubbing the nipple while running. It is easily treatable.

Things You'll Need

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Bandages or cotton padding
  • Wash the affected nipple with water only. Using soap to cleanse the affected nipple may lead to further irritation and delay healing.

  • Expose the affected nipple to air several times during the day. This will allow the nipple to dry naturally without excess moisture buildup.

  • Apply petroleum jelly to the affected nipple. This will provide the nipple with lubrication and protection from rubbing irritation.

  • Protect the affected nipple. Covering the affected nipple with cotton padding or bandages during exercise will help protect it.

  • Wear clean cotton undergarments. Cotton is a breathable fabric and will allow proper air flow to the affected nipple.

  • Alter your exercise routine. Although jogger's nipple is treatable, the affected nipple may be extremely sore. Resting the nipple will give your body time to heal naturally.

Tips & Warnings

  • Jogger's nipple is known by many terms which describe the activity that leads to the sore nipple condition. Some names include weight lifter's nipple and dancer's nipple.
  • Failure to treat jogger's nipple may result in serious nipple infection.

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