How to Use Basic Italian Phrases for Traveling


Planning a trip to Italy? Learning a few basic phrases can help you more easily get around during your vacation--and may even help you make a few Italian friends.

Basic Italian for travelers

  • The BasicsPlease. Per favore. (pehr fah-VOH-reh)Thank you. Grazie. (GRAH-zee)You're welcome. Prego. (PREH-goh)Please. Per favore. (PER FAH-vohr-ray)Sorry. Scusi. (SKew-zee)Excuse me (when passing someone). Permesso (PERM-eh-so)My name is... Mi chiamo... (MEE Key-ah-moe)Good morning/good afternoon. Buon giorno. (bwon JOHR-no)Good evening. Buona sera. (BWOH-nah SEH-rah)Good night. Buona notte. (BWOH-nah NO-tah)Hello/Good-bye Ciao. (chow)Do you speak English? Parla inglese? (Par-la IN-glay-see)I don't speak Italian. Non parlo italiano. (Non PAR-low It-al-ee-ahn-oh)Yes. Si. (See)No. Non. (Non)

  • Who, what, where, when?Who? Qui? (kee)Where? Dov'è? (Dough-vay)When? Quando? (Kwan-dough)What? Che cosa? (kah coh-sah)How? Come? (koh-may)How much? Quanto? (Kwan-toh)What time is it? Che ora è? (kay or-ah eh)

  • ShoppingI'd like to buy... Vorrei comprare....A blouse. Una camicetta. (OO-nah KAM-ee-chet-tah)A shirt. Una camica. (OO-nah Kah-mee-cha)A jacket. Una giacca. (OO-nah zjack-ah)A tie. Una cravatta. (OO-nah krah-vah-tah)A pair of shoes. Un paio di scarpe. (OOn pay-oh de skar-pee)How much is it? Quanto costa? (KWAN-toe kos-tah)

  • RestaurantsWaiter. Cameriere. (kahm-may-rare-eh)The check. Il conto (eel cont-oh)The menu. Il menu. (eel men-oo)I would like...Vorrei (vohr-ray) Could we have...? Potremmo avere (poh-TREHM-moh ah-VEH-reh)A napkin. un tovagliolo (oon toh-vah-LYOH-loh)A fork. una forchetta (OO-nah fohr-KEHT-tah)A knife. un coltello (oon kohl-TEHL-loh)A spoon. un cucchiaio (oon kook-KYAH-yoh)A glass. un bicchiere (oon beek-KYEH-reh)A cup. una tazza (OO-na tatz-ah)Dessert. Dolci (dohl-chee)

  • General What's today's weather? Che tempo fa oggi? (KAY tem-poh fah oh-gee)Where is the station? Dov'è la stazione? (DOH-vay lah stah-see-own-nay)I don't feel well. Non mi sento bene. (Non mee sen-toe ben-nay)Where's the bathroom? Dov'è la toletta?(Doh-vay la twa-let-tah)

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