How to Stabilize and Tape Broken Fingers


A broken finger can definitely put a cramp in your daily routine as it will make things more difficult, but it's not the end of the world. It's easy to tape up and get on with things. Here's how...

Things You'll Need

  • splint
  • alternative splint; popsicle stick, thick nail file
  • medical tape
  • If your finger is really broken it will most likely be swollen and possibly bruised. You want to relax your finger as much as possible. Soak it in a some warm water for a few minutes then pat it dry.

  • Next take your splint, you can use a splint available at any drugstore, or use a makeshift splint. A hard popsicle stick or a thick nail file will work just fine. If you choose to use a popsicle stick or nail file, cut it down to the length of your finger.

  • Place the splint under your broken finger. Make sure it's straight and directly on the splint. Then take the finger beside your broken one and squeeze the two together.

  • Wrap medical tape around both fingers so they are joined together as one. Make sure the medical tape is firm, loose tape will allow the finger to move and that is bad for the healing process.

  • Change the tape weekly as it will become dirty and may start to smell.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the splint is straight and secure
  • Don't try to bend your finger, it will only make it worse

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