How to Help Your Cat Adjust to the Death of Another Pet

Help Your Cat Adjust to the Death of Another Pet
Help Your Cat Adjust to the Death of Another Pet (Image:

Animals grieve too. If you’ve recently lost a companion animal, it’s a safe bet that the other animals in your home are experiencing the painful loss as well. Cats tend to be solitary creatures and often, subtle changes in their behavior appear when a friend dies. Maybe your cat isn’t eating much, seems less playful, or is howling at the top of his cat lungs. All of it breaks your heart.Their pain is the same as yours. And frankly, it’s up to you to help your animal cope with the loss. This will take time and patience to help your cat transition to life after the loss of his companion.

Things You'll Need

  • Kitty treats
  • Kitty toys (feather toys, plastic bottle caps, string)
  • Kitty laser toy
  • Cat comb or hairbrush
  • 15 to 30 minutes a few times a day

Your cat is lonely. Your time and attention is exactly the perfect medicine for your animal. Spend some extra time each day petting and caring for your animal. Break out the hairbrush and brush your cat for a few minutes. Cuddle the cat on your lap a few times a day.

Toss those cat toys around the floor and encourage your animal to play. Click on that kitty laser pointer and see if your cat will chase the toy. Remember that death causes depression, even in an animal. Your cat will be less likely to get some exercise while he’s grieving. Some playtime with you will help occupy his mind and body.

Kitty treats should be a special present reserved for either good behavior or special times with pet parents. Maybe now is the time to introduce your cat to a treat. It will give your kitty something to look forward to every day.

Some vets sell a pheromone spray to help soothe and calm the cat. This is especially helpful with a vocal, howling cat that spends most of the day looking for his lost friend. The spray is expensive and must be sprayed two times a day for a month on their bedding or where they sleep. This type of spray contains the same type of pheromone’s that are found on a cat’s face that they rub on things to mark their territory.

As a last ditch effort to alleviate your pet’s grief, get another animal from a local rescue organization. Bringing a new pet into the home is tricky but it’s sometimes the best method for dealing with a pet’s feelings of loss. Most rescue organizations have animal people who clearly understand the difficulties of helping a pet adjust to a new friend. Request a sociable, gentle animal that has been around other cats. There are usually fees to pay for vaccinations and you should request medical history documentation to give to your own vet.

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