How to Give Your Pomeranian a Lion Cut


A lion cut is described as long hair around the neck, face, tail and legs. The rest of the body hair is shaved down to 1/4 of an inch. During the summer due to a long coat, Pomeranian’s tend to get overheated. Giving them a lion cut not only is fashionable, but also gives them a short cut to help stay cool.

Things You'll Need

  • Clippers
  • 1/4-inch guard
  • Place the 1/4-inch guard over the blade of the clippers to ensure the right length for the hair to be cut. This length will be used on the torso, tummy and inner legs.

  • Gather the Pomeranian at your regular grooming area. A nonslip surface, such as a counter with a towel over top, is a good idea for easy cleanup.

  • Plug in the clippers and turn them on so your dog will become familiar with the sound. If he or she seems to be nervous, speak calmly to them in a reassuring voice, or turn on music and give them a treat.

  • Begin at the base of the tail working upward towards the neckline in short strokes against the hair. This will bring the length of the hair down to the desired level. Repeat this over your dog’s entire back.

  • Now begin to work on the tummy by having your dog lay down and roll over on its side. Work from the inner leg up to the neckline using the same short strokes. Avoid tits on female dogs, as they can get caught in the clipper blades.

  • Now take off the guard and push your length indicator up to the highest setting for length. Begin by shaving upwards towards the collar from the neckline. This makes the hair around the head stand out like a ;ion.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your dog is less than a year old, it is not recommended to cut their hair, as puppy hair does not grow out completely until after the 1 year mark. You may stunt the hair growth completely if this is done prematurely.

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