How to Give an Injection From an Ampule


There are many ways that you can administer medication. One such way is an injection, which administers the medication into the skin or muscle by using a needle. Before you administer the medication, a few things are necessary for you to do.

  • Wash your hands completely with soap and water prior to beginning the process and preparation of administering the medications. This should be done using an antibacterial soap and warm water.

  • Check the expiration date of the medication you are about to administer and make sure that the ampule contains the right medication to make sure there is no error.

  • Open the ampule by placing it in a paper towel and grasping the lower part of the ampule. At the score point (area of white at top of the ampule), place the scoring area outward and place the other hand on the bottom of the ampule.

  • Snap the ampule open with an outward motion and throw the top part of the ampule away. Insert the needle into the bottle and draw the medication into the syringe until completed.

  • Disinfect the injection area of skin. Use a prepared type of antimicrobial swab and allow the area to dry completely before injecting the medication.

  • Remove possible signs of possible air from the syringe by using your finger to tap the syringe until any air bubbles disappear. Using a dart throwing like motion, inject the medication into the prepped area of skin.

  • Throw away the broken ampule and syringe utilized in a safe container, such as a red "sharps" container, to make sure that no one else sticks themselves with the used items. Wash your hands completely with soap and water.

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