How to Feed Geese


Geese are omnivorous birds who enjoy foraging in the grass even when commercial food is available. These helpful birds will eat all variety of pests on their own, including slugs, snails and rodents, as well as eating frogs and worms. While geese enjoy foraging and munching on pasture grass, they also do well on commercial food. Like all poultry, geese require constant access to plenty of fresh water and to grit.

Pasture or Forage

Geese do well on grass or forage alone, as well as lawn clippings. Even goslings as young as a week old can be fed on pasture or clippings, provided they are free of chemicals or pesticides. They prefer soft forage, such as timothy grass and clover, over hard grasses like alfalfa. While geese enjoy a variety of fruits, they generally reject citrus fruit. An acre of land can support up to 40 geese.

Commercial Feed

Few varieties of commercial feed are available for geese and goslings. However, goslings can be fed chick starter, a commercial food produced for chickens, followed by a mixture of chick grower-starter and cracked corn. If geese are being raised for their meat, they can be fed a finishing food for turkeys to increase meat production during the final four weeks before processing. If your geese are not being raised to eat, but are being raised for breeding or for eggs, feed them breeder or layer product.

Grit and Grind

Geese need grit to grind their food, as they cannot chew it. Grit should be provided to any geese or goslings who exclusively eat commercial pellets or crumbles. Geese who forage for their food will consume sufficient grit from natural sources. Provide grit in a feeder, just as you would their crumbles or pellets.

Water to Drink and Play

Provide water in a container that permits them to duck their heads under water and splash it onto their bodies. A water supply for goslings also needs to be small enough so that they cannot thoroughly wet themselves, as they may become chilled and die. Even though geese are waterfowl, they do not require a body of water to be healthy.

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