How to Identify Clover Mites


Trying to find out what kind of bugs are living in your home and garden can be quite tricky. Fortunately, some bugs are easier to identify than others, and not all bugs are harmful. Clover mites are among the bugs that are fairly easy to identify.

  • Look closely at the bugs that are bothering you and first note the size. Clover mites are tiny, about 1/30 an inch long. That means they are even smaller than the size of a pinhead.

  • Pay attention to the colors and patterns on the bugs. With clover mites, they are so tiny that all you'll see is little flecks of red or reddish brown moving around. You won't be able to see any kind of patterns.

  • Check out the shape of your bugs and, if you can, note how many legs they have. Since clover mites are so small, it's unlikely you can see well enough note their shape or to count their legs. Clover mites have an oval shape and have 8 legs, which means they are not actually insects. They belong in the same family as spiders.

  • Note where the bugs appear and what they are doing. If you look at clover mites, you'll see little red dots moving around, but not attacking you or your pets. Clover mites don't bite people or animals. They won't give you any diseases, nor will they harm your furniture.

  • Try to see what they're eating or attracted to. In the case of clover mites, they live outside and they like to eat your plants. Sometimes they come inside and eat things like indoor plants and mold.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you identify clover mites, try to handle them before they come in the house. Once they get inside, getting rid of them can be tough. Discourage them from coming indoors by clearing away grasses from around the foundation of your house.
  • If you squish clover mites, you'll see a red stain. Don't worry, it's not blood, it's just their body color.
  • Check online for a college with a good entomology department to get reliable information on bugs. You can see pictures of the different bugs, which makes it much easier to identify them.
  • Be cautious when trying to identify an unknown bug in case it's a breed that is harmful or bites.

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