How to Use Back Braces for Bad Posture

Bad posture is usually a precursor to other health problems. Once the back falls out of alignment, other areas of the body start to deteriorate. Fortunately, it is a condition that can be fixed over time. Purchase a back brace and stretch and exercise to correct poor posture, and back health can be yours.


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      Purchase a back brace. There are many websites where you can order one. It is important to know the right size brace you need before you order. Braces come in a variety of fits. Ask your doctor what brand he would recommend.

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      Make sure you have the right fit. If your brace is too large or small, not only will your posture not improve; it might worsen. All medical supply stores have trained salespeople who can properly fit you with the correct brace.

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      Eat right and lose weight. Obesity and an abundance of abdomen fat can lead to slouching and poor posture. Being overweight places a heavier burden on the spine and lower back. Maintaining a normal weight for your size is imperative to keeping good posture. As you lose weight, you may need to readjust your back brace or purchase a smaller one.

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      Stretch every day at least twice. Most "weekend warriors" hurt their backs by not stretching and warming up before activities. When they reach or lunge the wrong way, the back goes out of alignment. To compensate, people slouch and further injure their backs. Do stretches before you strap on your back brace.

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      Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy posture. The back is one muscle group where rest is not always the best way to heal. Remain active to prevent back muscles from tightening and prevent atrophy.

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