How to Make a Simple Recycled Butterfly Project


Rather than filling a landfill with papers and what once may have been considered garbage, recycle these supplies and help your child create a charming butterfly craft. You may be surprised by how pretty a craft made of recycled supplies can turn out.

Consider recycling materials you have at home for your next craft.
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Things You'll Need

  • Coffee filter
  • Magazine pages
  • Twisty tie
  • Clothespin
  • Markers
  • Scissors
Step 1

Brew a pot of coffee, following the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the coffee filter and shake out the coffee grounds.

The coffee stains on a filter make a pretty pattern for a butterfly's wings.
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Step 2

Flatten the coffee filter in a sunny location. Allow the filter time to dry completely. Add colors using markers or interesting patterns along the edges, using a scissors.

The warmth of the sun will dry the coffee filter quickly.
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Step 3

Gather the filter through the middle. Bend a twisty tie around the center of the circle to create two butterfly wings. Curl the tips of the twisty tie to create antennae on the butterfly.

Recycle an old twisty tie to make the antennae of the butterfly,
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Step 1

Tear out two colorful pages from a magazine. Cut one page into a square measuring 9 by 9 inches and one page into a square measuring 7 by 7.

Choose colorful pages from a magazine to create the butterfly's wings.
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Step 2

Accordian-fold each paper square, beginning at a corner. Place both folded papers on a flat surface next to each.

Accordion-fold the paper squares to create the butterfly's wings.
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Step 3

Gather each paper in the center. Hold both papers in place using a clothespin. Flatten the folds of the wings to spread the butterfly's wings. Decorate the clothespin with markers.

Create a butterfly almost as unique as a real one using recycled magazine pages.
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