How to Interpret an Australian Coffee Menu


For those of us used to brewed coffee from a coffeepot, or a local Starbucks menu, an Australian coffee menu can appear very confusing. Australians do not make brewed coffee, and instead, drink espresso based beverages, all of which are called “coffee.” These drinks all have standard names that will appear at any local coffee shop, most of which are independently run and believe coffee making to be an art form. Australian baristas often attend coffee schools to perfect the craft, and are paid a decent wage.

  • A Short Black is a shot of espresso in an espresso cup.

  • A Long Black is a shot of espresso mixed with half a cup of hot water. This is known in other countries as an “Americano."

  • A Macchiato is a shot of espresso with a drop of froth in an espresso cup.

  • A Vienna Coffee is a long black or Americano, topped with whipped cream and powdered cocoa.

  • A Flat White is a shot or two of espresso with steamed milk and no froth in a regular cup.

  • A Café Latte is a shot or two of espresso with steamed milk and touch of foam in a regular cup. A Piccolo Latte is a mini latte, served in a smaller cup.

  • A Mocha Coffee is a latte mixed with cocoa powder, often called a café mocha in other countries.

  • A Cappuccino is a shot or two of espresso, steamed milk and a lot of froth. Designs are often poured into the froth.

  • An Australian Iced Coffee is very different than iced coffee elsewhere. It is made with a shot or two of espresso mixed with cold milk, ice cream and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder. An Iced Chocolate is made with chocolate syrup, ice cream, cold milk and whipped cream.

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