How to Decide When to Take Acidophilus

Acidophilus acts as a natural antibiotic. It is known to get rid of bad bacteria that is within your body. Some use Acidophilus for a healthy GI tract, to help treat intestinal disorders. Others may take it in conjunction with prescription antibiotics. Acidophilus is a safe over the counter vitamin to take, but like other new treatments, always contact your doctor before beginning a new regimen.

Things You'll Need

  • Acidophilus
  • Doctor's advice


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      Try using Acidophilus if you have any kinds of intestinal disorders, such as: irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, Crohn's disease or diarrhea. During use, over time, these symptoms can subside with the use of Acidophilus.

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      Take Acidophilus if you are on antibiotic therapy to treat infections. Some prescription antibiotics can cause a number of different yeast infections.

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      Contact your doctor to see if Acidophilus is a good supplement if you are a Cancer patient. It also can help prevent the occurrence of bladder Cancer and reduce your chances of getting colon Cancer. Acidophilus has bacterial enzymes that can interact with the harmful Cancer-causing compounds that can be found in the GI tract.

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      Do not take Acidophilus in place of any of your other medications. Always take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use subsitutes. Acidophilus can be taken as supplements or along with your daily vitamin regimens.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always take Acidophilus according to the directions on the package, or as your doctor has prescribed.
  • Always contact your doctor before beginning any new regimen.
  • Contact your doctor or nearest hospital if you have any allergic reactions to Acidophilus.
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