How to Clean a Dog Bite

How to Clean a Dog Bite
How to Clean a Dog Bite (Image: - missyredboots)

Cleaning a dog bite is important in order to avoid getting an infection. Contrary to the common myth that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth is totally untrue. It is full of bacteria, and should you be bitten, you must clean the bite properly. Follow these simple instructions in case you are ever bitten by a dog.

The first step to cleaning a dog bite is to wash the area thoroughly with warm water and soap. This will immediately aid in removing as much bacteria and saliva as possible.

Try to scrub the area as best you can for at least two minutes. It may hurt in the process, but it will hurt far worse if an infection were to occur.

After rinsing away all the soap, you will want to apply some type of skin disinfectant or anitispetic. This will further aid in killing off bacteria that may be lingering in the wound.

Next, you will need to apply an antibiotic ointment to a band-aid or gauze pad, depending on the size of the wound. Then apply the bandage to the wound. Change the bandage twice a day until the wound is totally closed up. Then it is a good idea to let the air aid in the healing process.

If possible, hold the wound above your heart level to slow down swelling. This will also help fight off infection.

If the wound is deep seek medical attention promptly. Likewise, seek medical care if the wound is reddened after two days or is swelling in this timeframe. These can be the first signs of an ensuing infection. Chances are your physician will give you oral antibiotics in these cases.

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