How to Survive the First Six Months After Divorce

Divorces can have a significant impact on families and the couples who are going through them. Many people become so accustomed to one another during the course of their relationships that they have trouble ever visualizing what they would do if they were to ever be single again. The main fear is the fear of being alone. Fear is what leads many to stay in unfulfilling relationships long past the time of reckoning. However, there are ways to get through those first hellish six months post divorce. These steps will show you how.

Things You'll Need

  • Therapist
  • Friends
  • Nightlife
  • Hobby/s
  1. How to Survive the First Six Months After Divorce

    • 1

      Plan some fun events with your friends. You need to realize that you still have a life and plenty of people who care for you. Spend some time with your friends. Plan nights out on the town. Go on trips together. Hang out. Just make sure you spend a lot of time with a close circle of friends. They can talk you down from your bad days and help you to realize that there are still plenty of other fishes in the sea.

    • 2

      See a therapist regularly. Most people who have just gone through a divorce experience depression of some sort. This is a serious disease that requires professional therapy to conquer. It is recommended that you make weekly visits to a therapist so you get over the throes of your divorce and move on with your life in a positive direction.

    • 3

      Explore your nightlife. Instead of sitting at home alone at nights thinking about what could have been, instead indulge in that nightlife you have been denied for so long. Not only will you meet other anxious singles; you will get out of the house and have a good time away from the monotony.

    • 4

      Take up a new hobby. Explore hobbies that you have never had the time to enjoy when you were in a relationship full time. Even small hobbies like building model airplanes can take your mind off the obvious and let you focus your thoughts on something productive.

    • 5

      Start dating again. Once you are ready to swim in the big sea start dating again. Do not let one failed relationship work against any future relationships you might enjoy. Instead, think of what you learned. Take those lessons with you into future relationships.

Tips & Warnings

  • It’s all about you. You need to move on. Get over the issues and look ahead.
  • Be wary of long term relations when coming out of divorce. Take your time. Go on a few dates. Enjoy life and enjoy being single.
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