How to Handle Two or More Jobs


Handling two jobs can be tough mentally and physically. For one, you are trying to raise enough cash to pay the bills. Two, you need to get the experience for a better job. Three, you may be doing all this while taking classes at a college. This is about decisions, actions and taking the right step at the right time. Some of us cannot work two jobs. For those who do, here are some useful survival strategies.

Things You'll Need

  • Career goals
  • <br>Time to work one or more jobs
  • <br>Set plans on achieving your goals
  • Set Plans:<br>First off, it would be better to work one job. Obvious? Not always. For example, working one job means a better chance at working overtime. It’s a rarity, but a possibility. A regular job means you are being given more responsibilities, therefore you’re a more dependable worker for the next job up. Your best laid plans should be to try and get the one right job, the one that will pay the bills, put less stress on you, and be a career benchmark. Careers in any trade require some time.

  • Working and Studying:<br>Yes, many do work multiple jobs while studying college courses. There is a reason high school students are limited on how many hours they work at a job—it limits their abilities in studies, and puts undo pressure on them. The best way to deal with all this is to get up early as possible, doing whatever menial tasks you can, and going to bed just as early. Partying, getting drunk, staying up all night—these things will turn you into a wreck. And you won’t last long. It may sound obvious: “Get up early!” But this cannot happen overnight. Some people are just not morning people. Find out what you are, how you can handle the mornings or nights. Some of us have to work the late shift, so sleep hours will be a commodity.

  • Understand Why You Do It:<br>Get out a piece of paper and plot your chosen career. So you want to be a construction worker; you hear the stories of $30 an hour and overtime as well. Jot down how you will get through every day of labor, how you will maintain mental and physical health, and where you will be when this job gets old. Construction is just one example of a career. You could be a freelance writer, for instance, while also holding a day job. You will need steps like these.

  • Quitting Time:<br>It will come down to money at some point for you. The one job will be less pleasant than the other. Sure, sometimes you hate one as much as the other. But the goal here is for full-time work with one job—you get more benefits and more experience. When you are writing a plan of “why I do it” consider a strategy for losing one job. How could you make ends meet for a few weeks? How should you talk to your bosses? How should you quit? It’s all about keeping it short and simple. You need no huge book explaining all your strategies; just make a point of thinking about what you want, because it will pay dividends.

Tips & Warnings

  • Working two jobs while someone else isn’t working can put a strain on a relationship. If this person has no plans to work, you may need to talk it through.
  • Stress will hit you. It isn’t helped by caffeine, and especially by drinking six beers every night. You will only burn out faster.

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