How to Reuse Your School Uniform After Graduation


So you've paid your dues at a private institution or even a uniform-requiring public school--congratulations. Now the question remains, what do you do with that old school uniform? Since everyone knows that that polyester/rayon mix pretty much lasts forever, here's some creative ways to get your money's worth out of that old uniform.

Things You'll Need

  • Your old uniform
  • Scissors
  • A scrapbook
  • Stuffing
  • Fabric glue
  • Stapler
  • The first and most generous idea is to donate it to a younger student who needs it. Those kilts are expensive, and almost every school has procedures in place so that students can pass down their old skirts. Check with your school administrator or ask around. Chances are you will stumble upon more than one individual who could use a new uniform and simply can't afford it.

  • Yes, it's terribly overplayed, but you always have the option of turning that old uniform into a Halloween costume. True, that thought may not sound tempting now, but come freshman year of college, when you're too broke to buy a new costume, that uniform will look pretty tempting.

  • Use the fabric to cover a scrapbook. You'll probably make one come graduation, so why not get creative and use your skirt as the cover? To do this: Buy a fabric scrapbook in a plain color. Measure the size of the front cover. Add 1 inch to each measurement. Cut the fabric of the skirt to these dimensions. Apply fabric glue around the outer edges of the scrapbook outside cover. Position the fabric to that the extra 1 inch hangs off each side evenly. Fold the fabric over into the inside of the front cover. Staple or glue the ends to the inside. If you choose to staples it, you may want to glue an extra piece of card stock on top so the staples aren't seen.

  • Make it into mementos. You'll probably run into the problem of deciding on (and affording) graduation gifts for your friends. What better present than making mementos out of your skirt? Pillows are a quick and easy example. Cut the fabric as you would any yard of fabric and follow the instructions featured in the eHow article "How to Make a Pillow."

  • Put it in a time capsule. A great project to bond over at the end of high school is creating a time capsule. You and your friends can easily fill a box with notes, pictures, cards and trinkets, right? Then you've got one already made. Put your uniform in with the goodies for a special surprise. Put it in a secret place and vow not to open it until a designated time. Seeing your old uniform after years and years is a great way to get a laugh.

  • Add the fabric to a hoodie or other garment. Yeh, the skirts were easy to throw on, but hoodies and sweatpants are much more casual. However, you can use the kilt fabric to spruce up any casual outfit. For this, you'll need the help of an embroidery shop or an experienced seamstress. Cut the skirt into shapes, you name, or even your school letters and commission them to sew it on to your sweat clothes. It doesn't get much more original than that!

Tips & Warnings

  • Get creative. These are only a few ideas of hundreds. Remember that it's just fabric, after all, and it can be shaped any way you want.
  • Be sure to decide on a set plan of action before you start cutting. You may get a few projects per skirt, but remember, you only have one.

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