How to Increase Muscle Strength


Muscle strength and muscle health go hand in hand. Any time one is increased, the other will also benefit. Strength, combined with flexibility and endurance, determine an athlete’s overall physical ability. Try a few known techniques when you want to increase your muscle strength.

  • Stretch before and after training sessions. Trainers are fond of saying, “A long muscle is a strong muscle,” and for good reason. The more flexible your muscle is, the more room it has to stretch and contract, leading to a better workout.

  • Lift a medium-heavy weight with 6 to 8 repetitions per set. Developing muscle strength is a combination of increasing muscle bulk and muscle endurance. As your muscle grows, it will become stronger.

  • Use a good lifting technique. Most gyms offer the advice of a professional trainer when you sign up. By correctly positioning your body when you lift, you isolate the muscle, working it exclusively, while reducing the risk of injury to other parts of your body.

  • Exhale as you lift the weight and inhale slowly as you release it. You may find it easier if you “puff” your exhalation out quickly when performing quick repetitions.

  • Drink plenty of water. Seventy five percent of your muscle is comprised of water and 20 percent is protein. Water is necessary for the smooth function and growth of muscles.

  • Spread out your meals over the course of the day. Instead of eating three big meals, consider eating five or six smaller ones. By supplying your muscles with fuel on a regular basis, you increase muscle endurance. In addition, eat soon after rising in the morning.

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