How to Build Self Confidence in Elderly

How to Build Self Confidence in Elderly. As you age your body changes in many ways. Things you used to be able to do easily become difficult, or impossible, to do. Your muscles weaken, your hearing and eye sight get worse, and your independence is slowly lost. These changes can all lead to a loss of self confidence.


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      Encourage your elderly family member to get regular physical exercise. Exercise improves weight, appearance and over all well being. Studies have found that when seniors see success in their exercise program, it boosts their self confidence in other aspects of life.

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      Point out the possibilities. When an elderly person is dealing with all of the things that he can no longer do, it is hard for him to see the things that he can do. Remind him of the things that he can still do and encourage him to do them.

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      Explore new ways of doing old things. For example, if your mother is losing her eye sight and she used to love to read, take her to the library to borrow some audio books.

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      Suggest your elderly relative get involved in senior centers and senior activities. Most elderly people are dealing with the loss of family and friends on a regular basis. This may make them insecure and lose confidence. Making new friends and being involved with outside activities is a great way to boost self confidence.

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      Give praise whenever appropriate. Avoid criticism and negativity when interacting with an elderly person. Tell him he looks good when he gets dressed in the morning, praise his strengths and play down his weaknesses. Just be careful that the praise is sincere and not given so frequently that he doesn't believe you.

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