How to Disguise Broad Shoulders

If you have an inverted triangle body type -- the inverted triangle means that your shoulders are a bit wider than your hips -- you may be dealing with the issue of broad shoulders. While having broad shoulders isn't necessarily a bad thing, they can take away from the traditional hourglass figure that some women strive for. But you can help disguise your broad shoulders by following a few clothing tips designed primarily to draw the eye to other parts of the body.

Things You'll Need

  • V-neck tops
  • Solid color tops
  • Tops with close-fitting sleeves
  • Patterned bottoms
  • Plain jackets
  • Brightly-colored belts
  • Long dresses


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      Choose shirts with necklines that help disguise broader shoulders. For example, you can opt for a shirt with a V-neck in order to take the focus off your shoulders. Your shoulders will appear narrower if the "V" is more vertical or deeper. Avoid tops that have a rounded neck, square neck, scoop-neck or boat-neck. These types of tops may make your shoulders appear more broad.

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      Look for tops that have raglan sleeves or sleeves that stay close to your arms. Avoid shirts with large sleeves. The extra frills or poofs found on large sleeves are best avoided if you're trying to downplay your shoulders.

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      Bring attention to other parts of your body to balance your broad shoulders. Create a lean look, for example, by wearing clothes comprised of one color. Wearing long dresses may also help. Wear bottoms with horizontal stripes and solid-colored tops. Using a brightly colored belt will place emphasis on your hips while reducing the focus on your shoulders.

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      Avoid tops that have a horizontal pattern as they may make your top half appear larger. Also avoid jackets with numerous embellishments, shoulder pads and tops with shiny colors.

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      Avoid cinched waists, empire waistlines and wider belts. Items that hold tight to the bust-line are also best avoided.

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